Retreat Mentoring Program

As a passionate retreat coach, I am dedicated to supporting holistic and soulful individuals in creating intimate, heart-led retreats that offer both tangible and financial outcomes for their clients and communities.
With a background in life coaching and Intuitive Holistic Medicine, I intimately understand the needs of my clientele and the profound impact of a well-organised and expertly facilitated retreat.
As a business mentor and educator, I thrive on helping my clients realise their dreams of offering transformative retreats while generating additional revenue streams to achieve their business goals.
I am thrilled to introduce our latest initiative - the Retreat Mentoring Program. This Facebook group is designed for those aspiring to host their own retreats and seeking guidance and structured learning to support their journey. Here, you will find information about retreats, group mentoring, and coming soon, one-on-one mentoring sessions, all aimed at helping you build and develop your retreat skills.
Join our Facebook group for updates as we finalise the development of this exciting new program and prepare to embark on this enriching journey together.