Why Host a Retreat?

Retreats are a wonderful addition to your suite of services or products. They’re a way to connect with your clients and community in a deeply transformative way for both yourself and your guests! That said, the process of creating a retreat as a service can be overwhelming and extremely costly if you don’t get it right.

Unlock the extraordinary potential of retreats to empower your group and foster individual growth. By immersing themselves in the company of like-minded individuals, participants can experience a profound transformation. At Summer House Retreats, our owner, property manager, and retreat facilitator, Debbie Fowler, boasts a wealth of experience, having overseen hundreds of successful and profitable retreats spanning many years. Her Retreat Planning Guide is an invaluable resource for hosts, offering a seamless and soulful approach to retreat management—a beautiful blueprint for orchestrating retreats that deliver an unforgettable experience for hosts and guests. Ready to embark on your retreat hosting journey with Summer House Retreats? Take the first step by providing your details below to receive an estimate of your costs and potential profits for hosting your own retreat. Apply now to become a retreat host and transform lives through our unique offerings.

A retreat is a unique opportunity for you to assist your group and for individuals to become super focused and by surrounding themselves with like-minded women, the entire experience can be transformational. Debbie Fowler, our owner, property manager and retreat facilitator has overseen hundreds of successful, profitable retreats over many years. Her Retreat Planning Guide provides hosts with a seamless, successful yet soulful approach to hosting basically a beautiful blueprint to running retreats that give both hosts and guests an incredible experience.

Apply to become a retreat host now enter your details below to get an estimate of your costs and profits to run your own retreat with Summer House Retreats.

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