CREATE+MEDITATE – Where Creativity Meets Calm – with Sharon Westin

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CREATE+MEDITATE – Where Creativity Meets Calm – with Sharon Westin

2 August @ 12:00 pm - 4 August @ 12:00 pm


CREATE+MEDITATE – Where Creativity Meets Calm – with Sharon Westin

2nd – 4th AUGUST  2024

About your Retreat Host – Sharon Westin

Sharon has been drawing, writing and painting for as long as she can remember. At school, she would spend her lunch breaks in the art room; in year 10, she was asked to participate in art classes with the year 12 students; and at 15, she confidently began an adult evening photography course. Every part of her life has involved art in some way and continues to do so.

She has over 25 years of experience as a graphic designer – with more than half of that operating her own business – and now also runs children’s and adults’ art classes from her home studio. These art classes and her life-changing experience in Fiji led her to create Artfulness Retreats.

Sharon became an author in 2021, self-publishing “Unmasking the Past” and is also studying Art Therapy. She looks forward to bringing this knowledge to her retreats.

About this Retreat 

  • Artfulness Retreats CREATE+MEDITATE two-night weekend retreats encompass our belief that there is an artist within all of us, we just need permission to find them. To help us do that, we include various meditation sessions to get you into your flow state.


  • Lowered cortisol levels which improves your overall well-being.
  • Improved clarity and decision making.
  • Rediscover the artist within.
  • Relax and release in our many calming meditation sessions.
    DAY 1
    Workshop 1 – The child within

    Remember the freedom of playing as a child? No self-criticism, no judgement and overflowing imagination. This workshop will take you back to that feeling, giving you permission to make mistakes; although we believe in art, there are no mistakes. This workshop will help ease you out of your comfort zone and tap into the creativity within.

    DAY 2
    Workshop 2 – Chakra colours

    Following on from a chakra cleansing meditation, we will look at the 7 chakra colours and create a beautiful watercolour piece to take home, reminding you of their meanings.

    Workshop 3 – Mixed media memories

    This workshop allows you to forget the stresses of your life and get into your flow, creating a beautiful piece using acrylic paint, inks, paper and items found in nature. We may even sprinkle a little glitter around! Your completed piece will certainly make a statement.

    DAY 3
    Workshop 4 – Tree of Life Intentions

    We will create a tree of life using watercolour pencils and paints. We will chat about intention setting and write or paint your intentions into your tree of life.  This can then be placed in your home as a reminder that you have an artist inside you who has permission to use their creativity to help bring you back to calm whenever you need it and to focus on the intentions you have set.


    DAY 1
    Welcome circle
    Calming meditation
    DAY 2
    Chakra balancing meditation
    Sound bath
    DAY 3
    Morning meditation
    Closing circle
    Sound bath

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2 August @ 12:00 pm
4 August @ 12:00 pm


Sharon Westin
‭0425 713 590‬
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