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29 November @ 12:00 pm - 1 December @ 5:00 pm

$1200 – $1400


29th November – 1st December 2024

restore – flow – yin – myofascial release – yoga nidra – bushwalking – ocean swims – conscious community

Meet your Retreat Leader Jenny Tran

Jenny is an experienced yoga teacher who shares the life-changing practice of yoga to those who seek to practice conscious and mindful living.

With Jenny you will find a warm and inclusive container where all bodies and expressions are held.

Jenny’s greatest desire is to create a safe sanctuary where you can drop into your breath and your body, let go of the busy mind and quiet the inner critic – and in doing so, make space for inner wholeness, intelligence and joy.

With Jenny you will discover, again and again, the profound truth of this practice:

You are already home.

You are already whole.

You are already free.

Who is this retreat for?

This  transformative yoga retreat is crafted for those who seek a holistic journey towards inner wholeness, joy and freedom.

Whether you’re a seasoned yogi or new to the practice, this retreat is designed to meet you where you are on your wellness journey.

If you crave moments of self-discovery, yearn for inner peace, and wish to foster meaningful connections within a conscious community, this retreat is tailor-made for you.

It’s an invitation to those who seek to rediscover their inner sanctuary, embrace wholeness, and experience the liberating joy of being free.

Join us on this transformative adventure where everyone is welcomed with an open heart.

About this retreat 
This retreat is an opportunity to Invest in Your Wellbeing:
A Lifelong Gift of Sweetness, Wholeness and Freedom.

Consider your participation in our transformative retreat not just an investment in the present but a gift to your future self.

Beyond the picturesque landscapes, daily yoga, and mindful practices, this experience is a pathway to discovering the sweetness, joy, wholeness, freedom and peace that linger long after the retreat concludes.

It’s an investment in your practice and your well-being, providing you with invaluable tools to navigate life with grace and resilience.

The transformative moments cultivated during these days are not confined to your mat or the retreat; they become an integral part of your journey forward.

As you invest in yourself now, you’re sowing the seeds for a more harmonious and sweet life that extends far beyond the retreat’s embrace.

Your will nurtured with the delicious Culinary Bliss by Shaktifresh:
Meet Chef Aliza.

Elevate your retreat experience with the culinary artistry of our private chef, Aliza from Shaktifresh.

With a passion for crafting nourishing, plant-based meals, Aliza brings a unique touch to our retreat’s dining experience.

Her culinary creations not only tantalize the taste buds but also align with the holistic essence of our journey.

Drawing inspiration from nature’s abundance, Shaktifresh is a celebration of vibrant, health-conscious dining. Aliza’s expertise transforms each meal into a culinary journey, where every bite becomes a moment of mindful nourishment.

Explore the delectable offerings of Shaktifresh and savour the flavours that complement your wellness retreat.

WE’LL HAVE YOGA PRACTICE EVERY DAY – Yin, Restorative Yoga, Myofascial Release and Yoga Nidra

Discover Tranquillity in Nature: Guided Surf Coast Bushwalk.

Embark on a journey through the mesmerizing landscapes of the Surf Coast with our guided bushwalk.

Guided by experienced leaders, this immersive experience transcends the ordinary.

As you traverse the coastal trails, you’ll encounter the breathtaking beauty of nature, feel the soothing rhythm of the ocean waves, and immerse yourself in the tranquility of the Australian bush.

This isn’t just a walk; it’s a meditative exploration, allowing you to connect with the earth beneath your feet and find stillness within.

Join us for an unforgettable experience that harmonises the soul with the serene beauty of the Surf Coast (post-hike swim optional!)

We’ll walk with mother nature on a guided surf coast bushwalk with an experienced leader
and maybe we will take in a beautiful post-walk ocean swim

We’ll spend time with our conscious community connecting over laughs, cacao, the fire pit and swims in the pool

Extended Schedule

As we embark on this transformative journey together, we’re thrilled to announce that our yoga retreat will extend until 5 pm on the last day!


Because we believe the last day is truly the best day, and we want to ensure you savour every moment.

This extended time allows for an enriching closing ceremony, additional mindfulness practices, a chance to jump in the ocean or the pool and time to share your heart’s reflections with your fellow yogis.

It’s not just an extra few hours – it’s an added value to make your entire retreat experience even more memorable and fulfilling.

Get ready to soak in the wisdom, tranquility and yogi community vibes until the very last breath of this extraordinary journey.

Pricing Options for this Retreat 

Range of luxury shared accommodation.

Twin Share with Shared Bathroom – $1200 per person

Ocean View Twin Share with Private Ensuite – $1400 per person

Bring a friend and save $100

Embark on this transformative experience with a friend and receive a $100 discount for the each of you.

Share the joy, the practice and the moments of self-discovery with someone important to you.

Reserve your spots together and elevate your experience by making new community together.

(Additional accommodation right by the Summer House at Ocean Bliss will be released once the Summer House rooms sell out).


Payment plans available.

Ease into your transformative journey with our flexible payment plans.

We understand that wellness is an investment, and we’re here to make it accessible.

Choose a plan that aligns with your financial comfort, ensuring that your path to self-discovery is as smooth as possible.

Your well-being is worth every step of the journey!


Ready to dive deep?

Secure your place at the Jan Juc Retreat by contacting us AT –
Places are limited.



29 November @ 12:00 pm
1 December @ 5:00 pm
$1200 – $1400


Jenny Tran
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