The Reconnect Retreat for Weight Loss Surgery

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The Reconnect Retreat for Weight Loss Surgery

17 May @ 12:00 pm - 19 May @ 12:00 pm


The Reconnect Retreat for Weight Loss Surgery – 

Weight loss surgery is a big deal. There is so much information out there that it often leaves people feeling overwhelmed and confused. It can be a real challenge – and a lot of work – trying to understand the lifestyle changes that are going to be most important for your own journey.

Weight Loss Surgery Support was designed by our surgeon & allied health team at Melbourne Weight Loss Surgery to help our patients not just have a great surgery experience, but to really feel they have the confidence and skills to achieve true lifestyle change. At Weight Loss Surgery Support, we do weight loss surgery… simplified With simple and easy-to-follow education, tools and resources, you’ll be one step closer to feeling confident in your journey, and in yourself.


about this retreat – The retreat is aimed at those who are ideally 1 year or more post surgery.


As you move through your weight loss surgery journey, the physical transformations can be incredible, but we understand that the emotional and mental aspects of this journey can be the most challenging of all. You’ve put so much effort into surgery, and initially, things felt like they were falling into place.
Suddenly, it feels like the “honeymoon” phase of weight loss surgery is over, and you notice yourself falling back into old habits, feeling lost, and experiencing weight regain. When you fall short of your goals, when things JUST AREN’T working, you go back to that critical inner voice that tells you that you’ve failed.⁠ It becomes more and more difficult to separate yourself from that negativity that’s sapping you of all your energy and motivation.⁠ ⁠
But know this: just because you are struggling – you are not a failure.⁠
When you’re in this rut, it can make it hard to achieve your surgery goals. You’ll start to feel like you aren’t capable of achieving what you set out to and it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. But it doesn’t have to be this way. You can transform your mindset to help build resilience, empower yourself and achieve your goals with a strong headspace to support you.
The Reconnect Retreat is a three-day experience focused on reconnecting with yourself & others through an immersive getaway. This is your chance to build connections & skills that re-align you with your weight loss surgery goals.
What is the cost of your retreat (per guest)
Starting from $1650
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17 May @ 12:00 pm
19 May @ 12:00 pm